Novaref JSC.( Novaref Refractory Development JSC.)
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Novaref company had been established and operated by the scientists who first developed and succesfully applied a series of high performance refractory castables (Low-Cement Castables - LCC) in cement industry in Vietnam more than 10 years ago. Over this time, the production technology and product quality continously improved to get high level of standard. Our products gain the trust of customers with it’s expanding market. The combining of science and technology expertise with production and application practise of refractories for industrial kilns and furnaces, that we had experienced over an years - it is main strength of Novaref. Our key products are unshaped refractories with a series of high performance refractory castables that specially designed to use for cement industry, steel industry, boiler furnaces, incinerators and other industrial furnaces. Our a plant located in a modern industrial park at 50km South of Hanoi. The production line of capacity 6000 tpa (for first stage), with all of raw materials imported from reputable suppliers in Europe and China, and a team of technical experts in refractories production, application and quality management, we do commit to bring to customers our best quality products and professional service. Beside with Refractory Castables, Novaref JSC. is always ready to supply a complete set of refractory materials for industrial furnaces, such as: Refractory Bricks, Insulating Firebricks, Ceramic Fiber Products (Boards, Blankets, Papers), Calcium Silicate Boards, Refractory Anchors, etc. These products are imported from our long term reputable oversease partners. As refractories service life in furnaces usually is not easy to predict, our motto is to provide for our customers the Total Refractory Solution, that includes: Evaluation of service conditions - Selecting best suited refractory products - Installating drawings design - Supply refractory products - Installation - After sale service. This solution is tailor made based on specific conditions of each customer. Novaref is striving for being the good partner in refractory products and service for all customers, to create values by bringing efficiency, safety and stable operation of their kilns and furnaces.

Novaref JSC.( Novaref Refractory Development JSC.)

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